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On-Demand Courses:

On-Demand Courses

The Confident "No" Masterclass

In this powerful masterclass, you'll learn how to finally say "no" with more confidence and ease . . . and without the guilt! Even if you're the type of person who genuinely wants to help people and not let anyone down.

This is for you if you want to stop overcommitting, feel less overwhelmed, and stay on top of "all the things". The masterclass includes a 45-minute recorded training and a PDF tool-kit to make it easy to find the words and feel good to say no so you can say yes to what matters more.

The Big Shift Workshop Series

The Big Shift: Focus Your Time, Balance Your Life is a recorded 3 part transformational workshop series that guides you along the process of focusing your time and getting balance back in your life. This was an annual event I ran for five years and now available on-demand. You'll also get access to a powerful workbook and 2 Q&A recorded sessions.

The Balanced Leader™ Program

The Balanced Leader™ is a proven and personalized 4-month program that offers a mix of self-reflection, group coaching, and 1:1 coaching and support.

Self-Paced Learning, Group Coaching + Personalized Support

Note, this program is also available for Stacey to work directly with leaders/teams as a 3-4 month coaching program or workshop style. Contact for more information.

Private Leadership +

Executive Coaching:

Private Leadership +

Executive Coaching:


Coaching is a process that empowers us to move from where we are to where we want to be by thinking and behaving more resourcefully. It is based on a relationship of mutual trust and confidentiality.

We will get clear on your goals, uncover what you really want and what's getting in the way, and co-create strategies and action to move you forward — starting small and building momentum.

In our first few sessions, we explore your strengths, needs, and values — leveraging your strengths creates ease and flow, filling needs frees up time and energy, and expressing core values pulls you forward.

Longer coaching engagements allow a deeper dive into each of these outcomes, and more time to tackle bigger goals, design your ideal professional and personal life, and create focus, habits and an environment that will support positive, sustainable change.

Programs are unique and the agenda and actions are decided by the client depending on what's most important and relevant to them. Contact for more information or to book a discovery call to see we are the right fit for working together.

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